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Whether your challenge is to introduce new computer technology to your curriculum, or bring the lab experience to on-line students or a need for an alternative to dangerous, expensive or environmentally hazardous labs, then Model Chem Lab is the classroom proven solution for you.

Model Chem Lab originated from academic work in computer simulation and software design at McMaster University. It has continued to be developed with extensive input from educators interested in the possible application of computer simulations for classroom and distance learning.

Model Chem Lab is a unique product incorporating both an interactive simulation and a lab notebook workspace with separate areas for theory, procedures and student observations. Commonly used lab equipment and procedures are used to simulate the steps involved in performing an experiment. Users step-through the actual lab procedure while interacting with animated equipment in a way that is similar to the real lab experience.

Chem Lab comes with a range of pre-designed lab experiments for general chemistry at the high school and college level. Users can expand upon the original lab set using Chem Lab's Lab Wizard development tools, thus allowing for curriculum specific lab simulation development by educators. These user designed simulations combine both text based instructions and the simulation into a single distributable file.

Chem Lab   Chem Lab   Chem Lab

Evaluation Software Downloads:

For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ME/98/95/NT/2000 (ChemLab v2.5.1)

  • Download the file cl20_evl.exe (3.17 MB) or cl20_evl.zip (3.10 MB)
  • Execute to install.
  • Follow installation instructions.

For Mac OS X 10.5 or greater (ChemLab v4.01)

  • Download the file chemeval40.dmg
  • Open the compressed disk image; chemeval40.dmg
  • Run Package Install; ChemLab4_eval.pkg
  • A 'ChemLab 4' folder will be installed in the Applications folder

For Mac OS X 10.4 or less (or PPC) use ChemLab v3.05:

  • Download the file chemlab_v304.dmg (2.5 MB)
  • Open the compressed disk image; chemlab_v304
  • Run Package Install; chemlab_v304.pkg
  • A 'ChemLab 3' folder will be installed in the Applications folder









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